Bookings with Airbus Express

Cancellation of bookings

If the booking is cancelled by you for any reason (to include cancellation of or by the Event) your deposit will not be refunded. You accept that the deposit represents a genuine and fair reflection of the costs and losses incurred by us in arranging the booking and if the cancellation is communicated in writing less than two weeks prior to the Event, you shall still remain liable for the payment of the full price.  


Luggage is limited to a maximum of 2 pieces per traveling passenger as follows: 1 suitcase not exceeding 25kg and 1 piece of hand luggage not exceeding 10 kg . Unfortunately we cannot carry: golf clubs, surfboards, canoes, kayaks, bicycles (even those in a box) or any oversized sports or musical gear. Drivers will not be able to accommodate these items, even if you have made a reservation.

You cannot bring the following items onboard a Airbus Express service or in airport security restricted areas in the airport:

Carriage of children and young persons

We will not be obliged to carry any child under 14 years of age unless that child is accompanied by a responsible person aged 16 or over. Children under the age of 8 will be required to travel on child safety seats.

Children under Three
The law states that all passengers over the age of 14 must wear seatbelts, however it is strongly advised that passengers of any age wear a seat belt or use the appropriate child seat. It will be the parent or guardian’s duty to supply the child seat should they wish to use one. In this respect the responsibility for correctly fitting the seat will be with the parent or guardian. Airbus Express staff will not be able to assist with this process and cannot take responsibility for the seat having been safely fitted. Should parents be providing their own seat, they are required to notify Airbus Express in advance to ensure that a suitable vehicle is assigned, and that a space is reserved for the child seat. In instances when the seat cannot be accommodated for whatever reason or in instances when the passenger does not have seat, we advise parents to ensure their child uses a standard seat and seatbelt, as this will always be better than no belt at all. If a passenger is traveling with a child safety-seat, the parent or legal guardian may be asked to fit the seat into a specific seat in the vehicle and other passengers may be asked by the driver to change seats to accommodate this. In such instances, passengers are required to follow the instructions of the driver. Airbus Express does not provide its own child safety seats for children under 3.



The driver will choose the route to a destination by considering the following facts: traffic, time, road closures and diversions.

Fraudulent Tickets

If we have reasonable grounds for suspecting that an e-ticket has been fraudulently used, we reserve the right to confiscate the e-ticket and prevent you from traveling on our services. You shall not be entitled to a refund in respect of any e-ticket confiscated in accordance with this clause, and we shall have no further obligations or liability to you. Furthermore, a passenger found in the possession of a fraudulent ticket will be prevented from using Airbus Express services and may be prosecuted by law.


The company accept no liability for missed flights for the following reasons: Severe traffic delays, road closures, extreme and poor weather conditions.

We shall have no liability for any delay or failure to carry you, or for breach of contract, where caused by a circumstance beyond our reasonable control. The following shall be considered to be circumstances beyond our reasonable control war or threat of war, accidents causing delays on the service route, exceptional severe weather conditions, fire and/or damage at a station, compliance with requests of the police, customs or other government officials and security services, deaths and accidents on the road, vandalism and terrorism, unforeseen traffic delays, strike/industrial action, riot or local disturbance or unrest, problems caused by other customers, bankruptcy, insolvency or cessation of trade of any carrier used by us and other circumstances affecting passenger safety. We recommend that all passengers have appropriate traveling insurance for such instances.
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